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Coober Pedy in South Australia is hot, and I don't mean the nightlife. So hot, that after a day touring opal mines with a coach load of Krauts one is more than ready for a drop of the old amber nectar. But not hot enough to consider a session with a bunch of helmets.

So imagine my delight at spotting some cockney geezer asleep at the back of the coach in a crumpled Arsenal shirt. Not that meeting a gooner is anything to write home about, but desperate situations call for desperate measures, and he who dares!!. He's bound to fancy a cold one methinks (probably a shandy, the soft southern bed wetter), but needs must.

Fancy a beer mate I enquired ? Not many was Vince's reply, and that was that (the first lash session was under way), and a most unlikely fox/gooner partnership was forged. Recollections of this first session are somewhat sketchy, but I do recall being impressed to finally find someone who attracted more complaints for their snoring than myself. You should hear James was his only comment!!

Many more sessions occurred on the down under tour and on return to blighty, Vince and I decided a down-under chums re-union would be a good excuse to get together and blow the froth off a couple. In 1992 the first 'Always On The Lash' day was organised in London, with a 12 noon kick off at De Hems in Macclesfield Street.

Nobody can remember who or why we decided on 'Always On The Lash' and to be perfectly honest who cares.

Much love to you all

Brogi (Lash Chairman)

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